A funny thing happened on my way to write

I said that a lot this past weekend. But I’m distracted by a few things.

  • My company announced it’s closing down by the end of the year. I don’t have a termination date yet. It could be Dec 27. It could be June 2014. It could be anywhere inbetween. The not knowing is the hardest part. How do you make a plan for unemployment? Heck, for life? I’m a planner if you didn’t catch on to that. But when writing I’m mostly a plantser…partial planner, partial pantser. I usually outline the story at a high level using the W Plot or the mystery formula. I like charts. I’m a nerd. Seeing a direction gives me comfort. But I’m not bound to those plans. I’m a huge fan of  inspiration-induced tangent. I discover things about my characters while I’m writing and I get so excited by these little bits of info.  I’m hoping that if these discoveries excite me, they’ll excite my readers.
  • I’m moving in anticipation of unemployment. My daughter graduates high school next year and the plan had always been to downsize from our current 4BR monstrosity to a 2BR. I just wasn’t planning to do it yet and I wasn’t planning to move in the same town. I was planning on leaving town. But such is life so we’re trying to round up the goldfish and the cat and get ready for the transition. Here’s the thing about downsizing: STUFF gets in the way. Ebay and I became very good friends over the weekend, by the way. If you’re a scrapbooker, check me out (shakespeare2b)!!
  • I decided to start an editing business. I have my first client and I’m trying to figure out how to get more. I know nothing about marketing and sales. I couldn’t sell ice water to…well you probably know the rest.  I’m working on the business plan. I need to see about start-up grants. And I want to combine this with some technical writing and editing.  Again…how do you get those jobs? I have no clue. But I need to learn and fast.
  • I’m having surgery in 2 weeks.

So I’m preoccupied just a tad. But it shouldn’t be an excuse. I should always make time to write. Even 100 words a day is better than nothing. But I didn’t accomplish that this weekend. I know that at some point you have to stop planning and start doing. I need to get better at that. A lot better.


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