How do you market yourself?

This is my weakest point as a writer. I have no clue how to get my name out there, how to draw readers and writers to my work either as an author or as an editor. It’s why I’ve avoided self-publishing, even in the depressing face of not being able to find a publisher or agent who will offer even the most basic guidance on how to do this. I know the information is out there. I take ownership of the fact that I have not done enough research and what I have done I’ve not had the courage or intelligence or gumption to follow through. There’s alot to be said for courage in this business. I’ve been fairly chicken-shit, allowing my rejections to hold me back, even hold me down.

I’m also realistic. It’s a full time job to market yourself. Social media alone can take hours. I need to develop that dedication to the process. Keeping this blog updated has been my initiation into the marketing arena. So what steps will I take?

I’ve finally figured out my password to Twitter (@WriterKathleen) and will start to post a few times a week. A confession…I worry people will be bored by what I post! I guess that’s why you follow or unfollow someone so I will stop worrying about that.

I’m going to contact a few of the chapters sponsoring workshops or conferences with raffles and offer my services for auction as an editor.

The (hopefully) best thing I’ve done recently is start working with a critique partner again.

But if you have advice or suggestions….let me have them! The best resource every writer has is other writers. I’ve rarely met people more open and willing to share what they know or what they’ve learned the hard way. I hope to take advantage of that, and give it back however I can.


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