Busy Bee

I’ve not met all the goals I set during the last blog post but I’ve met most of them, so I’m excited about the continuing progress in my writing. I’m still working with my CP and going through the wonderful suggestions she’s given for my work. I’ve been in touch with some chapters sponsoring conferences or workshops to see if they are offering any items for auction, but so far, no response. I’ve not tweeted like I wanted – I forget about Twitter. It’s just not in my thought processes. Maybe I can set a reminder on my phone.

My first ghostwriting project is due this Thursday and it’s plodding along. I’m not excited about it and I know it’s because it’s not MY work. It’s hard to write for someone else and I won’t go looking for other projects like this. I have enough problems writing for myself; writing for someone else is not working for me.

I’m also judging 2 contests at the moment and that is keeping me really busy. I want to give the contestants good feedback that will both encourage and enhance their writing. I’ve received some great feedback from the contests I’ve entered and I’ve had some that left me puzzled or near tears. But it’s always a learning experience and I guess that’s all you can hope for.

On a note that is both high and low, I go back to work a week from tomorrow. I’m excited about the paychecks that will start coming in. I’m disappointed in losing the time because I have kept REALLY busy these last 4 weeks. So I will have to budget my time even better. Always a challenge because there’s so much I want to get accomplished.

Tonight is about tying up loose ends so I can start the new week fresh.


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