New Release! Faithful Heart

I’m sure there are those that will argue there are better things than seeing your name in print, or something more exciting than having a release hit the bookshelves. And ok, there might be a few things that I would agree are better. The birth of a child. A wedding day. Winning the lottery. That’s about it. Since I’m not getting married or giving birth (I’ll hold out for the lottery win to compare later)…it’s release day!!

When I first started writing, I favored historicals. I think I was born in the wrong time period, but would have likely ended up on trial in Salem or shipped off to the new world in jolly olde England. But the love for the genre stayed with me. Faithful Heart is a story that has rattled around my brain for years. But I could never figure out how to get my hero and heroine together that didn’t feel cliche. I knew it would be a marriage of convenience. And I knew she would be a mail order bride. But I wanted more.

Then I agreed to write a short story for the Crossroads Romance Writers’ anthology and Faith’s story would not leave me alone. I must have written her standing on the platform at the train station a dozen different ways, waiting on her new husband to arrive. But it wouldn’t work. That wasn’t Faith’s story. The little vixen would not let me write it because it wasn’t her.

So here is a quick look at the beginning of Faith and Owen’s story.





Faithful Heart


Kathleen Watson



He paused and turned toward her, drawing her round to face him so their bodies were only a hands-width apart. The moonglow bathed the spaces between them, claimed by the shadow of his greater height as he leaned in. “May I know your name before I kiss you?”

The gasp startled even Faith, sounding low in her throat but originating much deeper in her body. She wrinkled her nose at his presumptuousness, as the inward bubble of delight swam up from the center of her being. “And if I don’t want to be kissed?”

He tipped a finger beneath her chin, tilting her head back even as she protested without much heart. “Then don’t tell me your name.”

Startled by his relent of control – even over something so simple as a kiss – Faith blinked up at him, wondering if the surprise showed on her face.

“I’m Faith,” she whispered, breathy, at a loss to fight the desire to give in to the unknown neediness swelling within.

There are stories from some of your favorite authors, and some that may be new to  you. I hope you’ll give us a chance and check out the new release.

Available now on Amazon.


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