Under the Mistletoe

2016-treeI’ve been limping along with my latest WIP, finding a few words here and there to put on paper. So I’m hoping that my upcoming vacation will be the kiss of inspiration I need to finally put the finishing touches on the manuscript.

There’s an exciting year in store for me and I’m really looking forward to the start of it. I’m signed up for an immersion class from Margie Lawson in February. I’ve heard amazing things about what she helps authors accomplish and in anticipation of the workshop I’m busy going over her pre-requisites and trying to formulate a plan for the rewrite on a story. It won a Golden Heart several lifetimes ago, but hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. I’d like to think it’s got a chance if I can polish up the plot.

Most of you probably don’t know me all that well but I’m a harsh personal critic. I think most of us fall into that category so maybe it’s not a surprise. I try very hard to look at my writing ¬†with an objective eye – what’s good, what’s not, what can I do about it? It can be very difficult to edit your own work because we often read with what we think is on the paper vs what is actually on the paper. We know things about the story or character that our reader doesn’t and it shapes our perception of the story.

I’ve not read this book I’m taking to the immersion class in quite a while so I got as fresh a read on it as I have in years. I see some really good things in it. But I also see the weaknesses that I either ignored or missed when I was originally shopping it around. That’s frustrating because knowing that I’m a harsh personal critic, you’d think I’d have recognized these things way back when. Guess not.

I think that’s the value of a critique group. I’ve been very fortunate to have connected with great writers over the years. They have added so much to my stable of knowledge. It’s one of the things on my resolution list this year – get back to critiquing with a partner(s). On a positive note, a former CP just informed me that her book we’d worked on made it to publication! Can’t wait to see Diane Holiday’s Love on the Run hitting the bookshelves this year!!

Enjoy your time under the mistletoe this weekend! If you’re hitting the road, travel safely. Happy Holidays everyone!



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4 responses to “Under the Mistletoe

  1. I’d love ot hear what you think of the immersion class after you go through it. Please blog about it and best of luck with your writing in 2017!

  2. Really, it’s a good thing if you look at old work and see ways to improve it. You can’t be disappointed that you weren’t perfect before–you have to be excited that you’re just better now! We’re always striving to be better writers.

    Merry Christmas, and good luck with the class!

  3. It is hard to recognize our mistakes; always a ‘Duh’ moment for me when the mistake is highlighted. Seeing glaring mistakes from older work actually makes me feel better because, well by golly, I found it! Good luck with the class, I’ve heard good things about it. Merry Christmas!

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