Writers That Inspire Me

I remember the day I knew I wanted to write romance. I was sitting in my living room, 15 years old, having had a bad case of bronchitis for the previous week. I’d been writing for a few years, mostly teen angst stories where the heroine usually died at the end. But I finished Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen Woodiwiss and I knew I wanted to do this.

I immediately turned the book back to page one and started again.

I don’t remember how I discovered Woodiwiss but I immediately bought everything else she had out. Patricia Matthews was next. Julie Garwood. Johanna Lindsey. Danielle Steele. I also loved Sidney Sheldon. I discovered the Bronte sisters in high school. Leon Uris. Louis L’Amour. Robert Parker. Later on it was John Irving. Steven King. Margaret Atwood. Michael Malone.

Each brought me something unique. Atwood was the first that taught me to look at the common world in a different way. The epic nature of books from L’Amour and Uris. But my heart always came back to romance, especially as it transitioned from the virginal heroine being saved by the rich and powerful hero, to the heroine who saves herself and picks up the hero on her way to greater things.

I love watching the arc of Ellie Dinsmore in LaVyrle Spencer’s Morning Glory. Anita Blake in Laurell K Hamilton’s series is just kickass. Darynda Jones’ Charlie Davidson is a go-to series on my keeper shelf as well. Anything by Lisa Gardner and Detective DD Warren. Nalini Singh.

What list of inspiring writers can’t mention JK Rowling? I guess that one goes without saying. Norah Roberts. Yeah….

And if you want to laugh…Christopher Moore.

Some new authors that are earning my respect and envy. Jeana A. Mann has taken her Felony series to exceptional heights and proven that self-publishing is a viable avenue for new authors, not just those with a built-in audience. Abbie Roads gives new meaning dark and twisty romance.

Who is your inspiration?


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