Initial attraction

In most romance stories, the first meeting sets the tone for the relationship. But many authors rely on looks to bring the hero and heroine together. The sexy way she looks in a dress or bikini. The way his tux fits his shoulders or jeans hug his butt. What are some other ways to pique the interest of another?

  1. At the stuffy cotillion or fundraiser with the upper crust of society, he’s the one wearing a big red rubber nose entertaining a toddler who is bored to tears.
  2. She knows the Klingon words for “bite me.”
  3. They meet at a tattoo parlor that specializes in covering up tattoos gone wrong.
  4. He can say the alphabet backwards.
  5. She can multiply any combination of numbers in her head.
  6. He meets her in the women’s department where she’s buying 7 of the same shirt in different colors.
  7. They meet on a honeymoon cruise as the only two singles mistakenly booked on the wrong ship.


What’s a unique way you bring your two characters together?


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