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I’m excited about two new short stories I have coming out in the next year. Two of my writers’ groups are putting together anthologies and I have a story in each.

Neither story has gone the direction I intended, which is both exciting and frustrating. I’m a plotter and I spend a ton of time putting together character charts and plot plans. When my characters get rebellious and decide to go off on their own, I look at all my charts and plans and point and say to them, “But I planned something different!” They laugh.

Anyway, rebellious characters aside, here’s what you can look forward to from me in the next year.

Dance of the Butterflies is the story of Maddie Dearborn, a teen struggling with the curve balls life keeps throwing. Her boyfriend is being an ass, her mom has mysteriously disappeared, and the strange new boy in her school has just revealed a secret that will change her life forever. One of them is crazy. And Maddie isn’t sure which one of them it is.

Two if by Sea – Kaley Locke is in the crosshairs of the dangerous man that arrived – unannounced, unwanted, unwelcome – on her island home. He says he’s there to re-acquire the technology she invented and promptly hid from the government. Kaley would rather die than hand it over. He says the government is ok with that.

Keep a look out for release dates soon!

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