Spotlight: Ireland Lorelei

I’d like to welcome Ireland Lorelei to A Writer’s House this week.

Ireland Lorelei

Ireland is from my old stomping grounds of North Carolina, but she currently lives in Florida and is an erotic romance author. Her current series, Second Chance, has its first release available, Back Where It All Began.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I first new that I wanted to be a writer while I was in high school. I loved reading, but I had a huge imagination and creative side.

Tell me what’s going on your writing world right now.

I am finishing a six-book novella/eBook-only series called Seals and Bounty.  The series includes The Bodyguard, The Hired Gun, The Protector, The Guardian, The Defender and The Bouncer. The series is about a tough group of Navy Seals and best friends who start ‘Seals and Bounty Company,’ a security company and bounty hunter firm in Las Vegas. Hidden behind all of that rough and tough exterior are the most compassionate and loving dominants looking for the right women to fill their hearts, beds, and their desires.

Then I will finish by Second Chance Series before moving on to a new project. When I started writing, I had no idea I needed to finish a series before starting another one. I do have some mentors in the business, but I decided that in 2022 I was going to take as many trainings and join as many author groups as I could find in order to learn the business better.

That sounds exciting! What’s the inspiration behind your series?

I love romance and I also love erotica. As I have been writing more and more, I have started to go more into the erotica genre. This series is my first that has some erotica tones and plots. That will increase the more I write going forward.

 Do you write full time or do you share your writing time with other pursuits?

I work full-time security for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am a full-time student getting my doctorate. I own a foundation for women of domestic violence and do awareness speaking engagements. I own my own publishing house, where I also ghostwrite and freelance write!

Now tell us five fun facts about you before we get to the good stuff and read an excerpt from your latest!

  • I have five kids and 16 grandchildren!
  • I have met numerous famous artists from Darrius Rucker, Chris Tomlin, Deon Sanders, and so many more!
  • I ride crotch rockets!
  • I am a thrill seeker!
  • I have a need for speed!

Be sure and check out Ireland’s book and website. Book 2 (Starting Again) and Book 3 (A Fresh Start) will be available this spring and summer so keep your eyes on the horizon. Her books are available on eBooks through Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Walmart Kobo.

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